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Comprehensive Services for Realtors

Engaging Content

Our team posts engaging content related to the Mortgage & Real Estate industries so people start talking about your services.

It's All Managed for You

Regular postings happen without you worrying about a thing! We determine best times to post & engage with prospects for maximum growth.

Build Online Connections

We keep your prospects updated and interested until they're ready to reach out to you for more.

How Does It Work?

We help you look like a social media pro!

  •    Perfect for individual and broker teams
  •    Easy signup, simple monthly pricing, no contracts
  •    We handle relevant content creation, scheduling and posting
  •    We can spruce up your social accounts for a few bucks more
  •    No worries, easily add your own personalized posts
  •    Sit back and spend more time with your prospects & clients
  •    Available for US Brokers & Real Estate Agents only

Connect with pre-qualified customers

Save time and money

Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team

Questions? here are some common questions & answers ....

What type of content do you post?

With your prospective clients in mind, we focus on relevant, shareable content. Content that is educational, informative, trending, and fun to smartly position you as the knowledgeable "expert" resource.

Can I still do my own social media postings as well?

Absolutely! Our "done for you" social media postings are meant to compliment your own posts. We are here to help invite more activity and communication from prospective clients; you are there to answer their questions and close the deals.

Do the posts sound and look like they are coming from me?

Our postings are all written in a style your social network will enjoy. We pull ideas from all corners of the Internet to create fresh postings.

What do I have to do?

Your job is to answer any comments or questions when they pop up. Do what you do best! Our postings are the conversation starters but your participation creates the meaningful relationships that drive interest and new leads.

Will I get a chance to review whats being posted on my behalf?

Social media moves fast and our content team moves fast. You won't have time to review any of the postings prior to us adding to your social media networks. We focus on content that is educational, informative, trending, and fun to smartly position you as the knowledgeable "expert" resource.

Does social media really work?

You better believe it does. Being active on Social Media with professional and engaging content is a must have. Our clients have seen some great results and best of all we manage their social posts for them. It's win for everyone.

How long after signup before I see new social media posts?

This depends on a few factors but here are some guidelines...
No Account Staging Needed: new posts should happen in approx. 5 business days.

Account Staging Needed: new posts should happen in approx. 7 business days. 

Please note that at times we need to get more details from you so this could extend the time before you see posts.

Isn't it easier to just share other people's posts?

Sharing an occasional post by a friend or colleague is fine once in a while. But if all you're doing is sharing posts from other people's streams there is no added value for people to follow you. We add content directly into your stream to position you as the knowledgeable "expert" people turn to or follow.

How does billing work?

The managed social media is a monthly service that you can cancel at any time. When you sign up, we bill you for the last month of the service and then monthly thereafter. You can cancel at anytime. If you sign up for optional add-on packages, you will be billed for the one-time setup cost upfront.

Does Volant offer additional services?

Absolutely! we are a complete online solution provider. Click here to see a comprehensive list of services offered by Volant Marketing.

Can you integrate my broker branding and messaging?

We're uniquely positioned to put both you and your brokerage in front of other niche markets your brokerage most likely will not be connected with. We know how to infuse just the right amount of occasional brand "soft sell" your corporate marketing team will appreciate. We even work directly with corporate marketing teams to ensure collective social media efforts are all on the same page.

I currently only have a Facebook account, but nothing else. Can I still sign up for your service?

Certainly! We can do postings for any combination of social accounts you have. The priority is posting to the social networks that make sense for your business and drive new conversations and lead potential. We post up to four social networks all for the same low price.

How do I know if I need account staging?

It depends. If your account is outdated, or is lacking graphics, banners, and consistent brand marketing to match your other social accounts, then it may be a good idea to have us spruce it up for you. Otherwise, you won't need it.

Is the content you create geared for my state or city?

Yes. Some content is generic to all US entities, while other content we create is tailored to your city or state specifically. So if you were a Los Angeles Realtor we would provide Los Angeles Real Estate content, but we would also provide general US related content from time to time.

Do I need a Business Facebook or Instagram Page?

If your goal is to represent your business, brand or product on Facebook or Instagram, we can definitely help you setup a both Business Pages. They are similar to personal Timelines but offer unique business tools.

Have more questions or want to sign up? we are here to help.